myca® & our company

We believe in patients. In a better quality of life for providers. In
care that is more responsive and more responsible. In the rebirth
of an old idea, a more direct and personal relationship between
patient and care provider.


Myca empowers providers and patients.

We started Myca Health by questioning why the approach to care seemed locked in a decades-old mindset; paper-based, uncommunicative, inefficient and simply not rewarding for provider and patient alike. We then tapped into the practical needs and wants of the marketplace: physicians, patients, administrators, employers and insurers to guide the application set of Myca’s technology.

This led us to develop a proprietary technology that fully harnesses the power of social networks and provider management tools, to deliver something that really has the power to improve healthcare.

Myca’s advanced communication and practice management technologies not only provide patients with multiple channels of access to physicians, but also offer physicians the opportunity to gain greater control over the quality of care they deliver.

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